Spring, Spring, Spring

The birds are chirping, bees are buzzing, and buds are sprouting.

I think we officially are in ‘Spring Mode’!

Shrug off those heavy sweaters and kick off those winter boots, everyone—it’s time to get our bare feet into the garden! Olga’s garden, to be exact.

Here are some great shots of the garden coming to life:

Buds appearing on the trees. Can’t wait for the leaves.

Seeing so many patches of young flowers sprouting up from the ground is always a welcome sight.

A quiet day on the farm, for sure. But our gardens have been beyond busy underground.

Good morning, friends! 😂

The greenhouse has been abuzz with activity—lots of planting and organizing ahead of the warmer days to come.

  • IMG_1299
  • IMG_1303
  • IMG_1304
  • IMG_1308

Another beautiful day here. Can’t get enough of it.