Housekeeping: The flower farm is moving to Jay, Vermont!

(Sidenote: Our website and blog have been incredibly ignored for—oh my God—years now! We are working hard to rectify that and update everything.)

First things first

For the time being there are some immediate needs that should be addressed. First and foremost Flowers by Olga is under new ownership. (It has been for over a year now).

Our offerings remain the same. We still love weddings and take pride in our sympathy pieces. We still deliver pre-ordered arrangements. We still offer you pick in season and by appointment at the Raven Ridge location. And we will gladly provide pre-picked buckets to coordinate with your specified event decor.

To our florist friends

We still take pride in growing and supplying a huge variety of material from our farm directly to you in season. Many thanks for your continued support!

What about Raven Ridge?

Please understand Raven Ridge Farm is still run by Chas and Olga. They are still tapping trees, boiling sap, and ending up with certified organic maple syrup, never bottled in plastic.

The floral design studio and flower farm have split off of Raven ridge farm to be a separate endeavor. Our farm is Bigelow Roe’s Farm and I can’t wait to invite you to that location in the future.

However, restoring old farmland to be productive again and moving all of the plant stock from Raven Ridge to our Jay, Vermont location is a big job so we are maintaining a lease on Raven Ridge for the time being to ease the new ownership transition.

Please remember to visit us by appointment only to respect the privacy of Olga in her home. Many thanks!

— Kaity